Be Independent and Shop Local This “Independents Day”

Be Independent and Shop Local This “Independents Day”

Yeovil retailers encourage locals to keep our money in the community with our local entrepreneurs by supporting the independent retail day this Saturday on 4th July.

Independence Day is usually thought of as an American holiday, but this 4th July, Yeovil is being encouraged to celebrate by supporting its local, independent businesses. Many people are unaware of what a big difference shopping locally can have on communities - for every £1 spent locally around 50p-70p of that money comes back into the local pocket. For the same £1.00 in non-independents or online, only 5p comes back to the local community.

Shopping independent is not just about the local financial advantage, but often showcases the quirky, original, creative and memorable gifts and experiences within our community.

Lead by the team behind The Emporium on Princes Street, Yeovil, "Independents Day" aims to celebrate the town's growing network of independent bars, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, bookshops and other businesses.

"We're all about supporting local, independent traders, The Emporium is home to over 60 independent shops and businesses, so it makes perfect sense to celebrate our diversity and talent for what we do on this 4th July! People enjoy buying something they can connect with, whether it's lovingly made by a local artist, carefully sourced by a local dealer or hand prepared in a local kitchen, it's all here in Yeovil" says Dawn Woodward, Director of The Emporium.

Princes Street in Yeovil is a great place to start your support for local retailers; as well as the Emporium which is home to an independent café and over 60 different retailers selling gifts, vintage clothing, collectables, toys, music, antiques, home interiors and more - Princes Street also has many other independent shops and cafes.

So this Saturday why not wander a little further than the high street and explore your local independent shops.

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