Christmas Gifts for Children

Christmas Gifts for Children

The Emporium's Elf has been hard at work!

Our guide to unusual Christmas gifts for children.

The Emporium, Yeovil.

Are you tired of finding the same old same old, ordinary Christmas gifts for kids everywhere you look? With the digital age dominating the world, it seems like the newest phones, tablets, video games and other devices are the only things that our kids are craving! While a few special toys make their way to the top "most wanted” list every year, they are usually related to the latest movie or game theme. Santa's elves don't think it needs to be this way, they are getting bored! They want to use their magical toy making talent to do something different this year. It’s time for The Emporium's Elf to step in and make a change! We’ve got to give the children something creative, memorable and beautiful, something they can keep, something inspiring and truly unique.

And here's what our elf has come up with, you won’t find these Christmas gifts for kids easily....these are different and unusual! All available in our unique store in Yeovil.

Take a deep breath and dare to do something different this year! Check out these unique ideas for the little ones instead this year!

Ready to become your child’s best friend, let us introduce you to... 


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