Fundraising Raffle

Fundraising Raffle

Did you know that the raffle at The Emporium in Yeovil is to raise money for the 1st publicly accessible defibrillator on Princes Street?

This on-going fundraiser, with the prizes displayed upstairs in The Emporium, will continue to raise funds for this community focused initiative. The Emporium believes that this fundraiser is so important, as a defibrillator could save a person’s life.

As part of the fundraising the raffle has a variety of spectacular prizes that can be won, ranging from:

  • Tabletop hockey,
  • Bottles of Wine,
  • A box set of Sharpies,
  • And boxes of chocolates!

All the money made from the raffle will be going towards the funding of the defibrillator, additionally, you can donate online at The Emporium’s ‘GoFundMe’ page to help our team and the local community in getting this defibrillator on Princes Street!

Any type of donation is appreciated, and The Emporium would be grateful for any amount given!

Here you will find the GoFundMe page to donate towards the defibrillator: The Emporiums Fundraising

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