Everyone loves a mirror and perhaps that’s why they are one of our most popular products here at The Emporium in Yeovil, Somerset. Decorative wall mirrors, dramatic floor standing mirrors, shiny table top mirrors, vintage hand held, or pretty dressing table mirrors, every home needs one, or several! Many of our traders at The Emporium have mirrors for sale, the choice in our store is huge...

Chalk and Chisel’ offer a stunning range of carefully curated, hand-painted, vintage mirrors, see their newly expanded shop on our ground floor.

‘Million Stars’ is becoming very well known for the unusual, rustic and industrial furnishings they sell... you’ll find mirrors like no other in this ground floor shop.

‘Trove Designs’ has taken the use of mirrors to another level in their collection of fantastic mirrored furniture... create an effortless statement by adding a piece of this glamorous, deco-inspired furniture to your home.

You’ll also find antique and vintage mirrors right through our store... we have 70 independent shops across two floors; there’s so much to discover! Shine on....

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