Vintage Advantage

Vintage Advantage

(Charlotte is 15 years old and a student at Bucklers Mead Academy, she has aspirations to enter a career of fashion and beauty journalism. Charlotte is spending a week with us on work experience at The Emporium, in Yeovil and has put her talents to great use already; she has prepared and written her first fashion article for the press.)

Retro style is perpetual, which is why tremendous amounts of grand vintage fashions are coming back into today’s clothing craze.

Photo credit The Emporium, model Paul Newton.

As Autumn is coming up very shortly, it’s great to find fashion that suits the beautiful crisp season. To create a timeless classic look, it’s great to correspond with the colours of the season (for example, Autumn colours could be terracotta, umber, red and grey). It’s also a wonderful time to experiment with different materials and textures.

Photo credit -The Emporium, props from Regents Finery

A marvellous thing about tweed is that you can pick out any colour from the tweed pattern and put it together with anything that has that colour. In theory, it will match perfectly. This picture of a classic male outfit captures the idea. This outfit can be formal, which is great for evening wear. However, the red jeans bring the clothing down to compose a casual outfit. This means that you can chop and change different pieces of clothing to produce distinctive outfits for different occasions.

Photo credit -The Emporium, props from Regents Finery

Photo credit Google Images, 1920s fashions


This style and hundreds of other garments like the ones in the pictures can be found in the Emporium for phenomenal prices- much better than the prices in other high-end shops. So, if you are a male who can’t get enough of prime vintage items of clothing and other high-quality products (like the objects in the display of one of the photos ), the Emporium is the foremost, best place for you to go!

Photo credit The Emporium, 39 Princes Street, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1EG.

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