Music, vinyl, vocal tuition, instruments and guitars, and much more in Yeovil, Somerset at the Emporium!

Music and more!

We are very keen on music at The Emporium, in fact, it’s hard to escape it!

Original records and vinyl in Yeovil, Somerset. LPs and singles at The Emporium.

Our Vinyl Selection

Vocal Tuition

Vocal tuition and singing in Yeovil, Somerset. Music at the Emporium, in the Southwest.
Guitars and other instruments in Yeovil, Somerset at the Emporium!


Live events and music in Yeovil, Somerset at the Emporium

Live music events!

We often host live music events in The Emporium, we love to work closely with artists to promote arts and cultural events. Keep an eye on our events listings for upcoming live performances.

Our Live Events